Hannah Ling Thoughts and writings from Pittsburgh

First week of training done!

First week of CPI training is in the books! It was packed with a pretty regular schedule. From 7AM-7:40, we exercise, then we go shower and wash up. From 8:30-10, we do our daily devotions and pray together, then we have our first session, and then lunch. We are then split into teams to clean HB(different staff volunteer to teach us to clean and supervise our cleaning), and then we have our second session. For dinner four days a week, we do “cooking camp” where three of us go to different people’s houses and they teach us how to cook more efficiently. Then, we do bible reading at HB(with the goal of reading through the New Testament+Jeremiah). For content, we’ve been watching a lot of webcast videos from our church’s College Ministry Training Retreat, including messages on Psalm 73, 2 Corinthians 4, and topics like the word of God, Soul Care, conversations, relationships, and clear thinking.

It’s been really awesome! It’s been fun getting to know the other CPIs(13 from Berkeley, 6 from Davis, 3 from Austin, 4 from LA, 2 from Irvine, one each from SF, Riverside, and Santa Barbara). Even though we all come from different places and backgrounds, and most of us didn’t know each other that well before training, I feel a sense of camaraderie with them. It’s only in the church that such a random motley group could come together with no drama, politics, cliques, or competitiveness. I think we really are experiencing a sense of unity as we all share the same desire to grow in our relationship with God and same heart for the campuses. We all started out in different places spiritually and with varying interest(or no interest) in church, yet we were captivated by the love and community we witnessed and later by the truth of the gospel. We all share the same experiences of painful ministry stories and concern for the younger ones and the churches we were leaving behind. We spend a lot of time together, and while we sometimes have disagreements, exhausted grouchiness, embarrasing moments(like when I accidently flung my peers’ notebook into the air and what seemed like every handout from the past two years fluttered out from between the pages), I’m thankful for this neew experience of covanental relationships.

I also have gotten to experience a greater sense of love from the church. It means a lot that our church is going all out for the sake of our training. It really hit me when I came back the first day hungry from working out and showering and there was a TON of breakfast food ready in the kitchen for us(of course not only for us but for everyone else at HB that morning too). I LOVE the korean version of chicken porridge and as I was digging into it I thought it was amazing that some people got up super early every morning to prepare this for us, for free. That’s crazy! People(some of our oldest and most experienced church members) have dedicated time to teaching us to cook and clean and do stuff even when they have a lot of ministry responsibilities, kids at home, etc. It’s not because we have so much potential to accomplish a lot or give a lot back to the church, but just because they want to pour into us even more than we have already received.

This upcoming week, we are going to do a lot of drilling of our church’s fundamental Christianity material called Course 101 and 201, and other training!

Cheers, Hannah